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Final Event and Ceremony - Speeches

Maastricht Town Hall, 15 November 2011
Speech Marga Proehl at the Reception of the Mayor of Maastricht (pdf)
Speech Mayor Onno HoesEPSA 2011 Best Practice Certificates (pdf)

Workshop on "ESF support to administrative capacity building in the European Union", EIPA, 15 November 2011
Assessment of administrative and institutional capacity building interventions and future needs in the context of the European Social Fund, Lukasz Wardyn, Policy Officer, Unit of ESF Legislation and Policy, Financial Engineering - DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission, Brussels
The ESF at EIPA: actions and practices by Marco Lopriore, Senior Lecturer, EIPA Maastricht

Two selected EPSA 2011 cases having benefited from the ESF - Their experience and operation:
Promotion of electronic democracy in Salcininkai district by Gzegoz Jurgo, Salcininkai District Municipality Administration, Lithuania
Get moving towards employment by Lourdes Sugranes Tena, Employment Department, Barcelona Activa 

Parallel Thematic Workshops at EIPA Maastricht, 16 November 2011

The EPSA 2011: key facts, figures and trends, Alexander Heichlinger, Expert and Manager EPSA, EIPA Barcelona

Theme 1:  Introduction: Trends in Practices, Michael Burnett, Expert and Theme Leader, EIPA Maastricht
Theme 2Introduction: Trends in Practices, Tore Chr. Malterud, Senior Expert, Head of Unit and Theme Leader, EIPA Maastricht
Theme 3Introduction: Trends in Practices, Martin Unfried, Expert and Theme Leader, EIPA Maastricht

Morning Session at the Provincial Government Buildings on the Meuse, 17 November 2011

Welcome words by Theo Bovens, Governor and Queen's Commissioner for the Province of Limburg, Maastricht (link to the video)

Welcome words by Prof. Dr Marga Pröhl, Director-General, European Institute of Public Administration, Maastricht

Keynote Speech by Beate Lohmann, Head of DG Administrative Modernisation, Administrative Organisation, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Berlin

Keynote Speech by Viktorija Šmatko-Abaza, Principal Adviser, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission, Brussels 

Closing remarks by Alexander Heichlinger, Expert and Manager EPSA, EIPA Barcelona


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