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How to Apply

How to apply

Registration, submission procedure and steps for EPSA 2011 applications are as follows:

1) Any interested administration can register on EPSA website

2) It receives an e-mail with log-in data

3) Completion and submission of online application form

4) E-mail confirmation of application receipt and notification of application processing.

With your log-in data you will be able to process your application:

Save draft application: the application will be saved and it is possible to re-enter the application form with your log-in information and edit your data;

Final Submission: once the "Final Submission" button has been clicked, the application will be saved and locked; you will no longer be able to make any changes. A notification e-mail will be sent to you and a message to the system administrator for eligibility check.

5) Eligibility check by EIPA

6) If yes, email notification + allocation of EPSA registration number

7) If not, you will be informed of the reasons why your application is not eligible

Evaluation phase begins 

Application steps visualised 

Application Guide


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