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EIPA's Experience and Expertise for Leading EPSA 2009

  • EIPA is a neutral and impartial institute that benefits from reliable direct links with all EU governments and Institutions
  • EIPA has more than 26 years of experience in leading-edge training, applied research and consultancy regarding issues of European integration and public management
  • EIPA carries out training for more than 10 000 public administration employees from all administrative levels and EU Institutions per year. It is known to many practitioners and enjoys a high reputation
  • EIPA's Board of Governors is composed of representatives from the governments of EU Member States and from countries associated with EIPA
  • EIPA's Antennae in Barcelona, Luxembourg and Warsaw ensure a high knowledge of the regional aspects of public administration and of its various inter-cultural challenges
Prof. Dr Marga Pröhl
Director General
EIPA Maastricht
Mr Alexander Heichlinger
Project Manager EPSA 2009 & Senior Lecturer
EIPA - ECR Barcelona
Ms Melanie Pissarius
Junior Officer / Assistant Manager EPSA 2009
Ms Chaja van Boesschoten
Programme Organiser EPSA 2009
EIPA Maastricht

EPSA Theme Leaders

Performance Improvement in Public Service Delivery

Mr Tore Chr. Malterud
EIPA Maastricht



Citizen Involvement

Mr Tony Bass
EIPA Maastricht



New Forms of Partnership Working

Mr Michael Burnett
EIPA Maastricht
Co-leadership with Mr Alexander Heichlinger 


Leadership and Management for Change

Ms Herma Kuperus
EIPA Maastricht


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